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This episode marks the 13th birthday of the radio show, and what a week of music it has been! Whilst this mix travels through a lot of musical boundaries, there are a lot of new releases to enjoy, including a new tune of the forthcoming Crazy P album, a welcome return from the Dogg Pound featuring Snoop Dogg & Kokane. Long time veteran Hip Hop veteran Grand Daddy IU drops another smooth number, and Melbourne's long time B Boy Sard Boogie drops a new party tune - and I road test the new release from the Mild High Club on…
With my fiorthcoming trip to Brisbane on the Horizon, my good friend DJ Katch asked me to pick five tracks from the 80s. Now, considering I'm a huge eighties Hip hop fan this was an incredibly hard choice. That decade turned out so many classic joints that I couldn't even begin to pick my top five. So instead, here are five joints that I undoutedlly love. Are they my favourites? Well, they are somewhere in my top fifty from the decade.
I've always loved the "breaks mix" style of mixtape, a tradition at goes as far back as the early 80s when Hip Hop's first generation of DJs created mixtapes based around nothing but the "get down" partsĀ of the tunes they were playing at the time. It must have been Afrika Bamabaataa's Death Mix that was the first of this kind to be pressed on vinyl (and also became the inspiration for the cover art for this mixtape).
Peril has been running things in Melbourne for as long as I can remember - One of the movers and shakers in the original generation of B Boys that came from the early to mid eighties period in the city. When I first started seeing his pieces (together with his graff partner Paris) on the train lines in the eighties it was immediately evident that his style was streets ahead of his contemporaries. He was one of the pinnacle of Melbourne kings who I looked up to back in the day. His transition into Djing (and eventually studio production) was…
In this episode I play new releases from the latest Ne-Yo album, a new one from Mayer Hawthorn & Jake One's new project Tuxedo which pays homage to Nate Dog, and a new one from Fortknox Five featuring Raashan Ahmad on vocal duties. As always, I drop a bunch of classics as well - Including an edit by the Blade runners who take the knife to T La Rock, some heavy latin house vibes from Ray Manteca, before ending with the folk stylings of Cinematic Orchestra member Grey Reverand, and some deep house goodness from Tokyo Black Star.
DJ Ease from Nightmares On Wax was recently in Australia, so we took a few minutes to connect and have a chat about the glory days of growing up in Leeds, England right at the time when Hip Hop culture had jumped over the pond. Ease goes into detail about his first crew, the early rave scene, and how Ibiza (His current home) has changed over the years. We also get geeky and drop some studio tech knowledge, and of course hear a few snippets from his extensive back catalog of releases.